What is Facebook Credits Generator?

A tool to Generate Facebook Gift Card Redemption Code to get credits that you want. (See Video Below) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. Is this FREE?
 Yes for now, but in the future we will think if it's going to be sold. So get it now because it's for free! Enjoy!

2. Is this Really WORKING?
 Yes! As of January 15th 2012. It was tested and working and still got 200 credits!

3. Are they any updates?
 The latest version is v3.6 as of January 1, 2012. Any updates will be posted here ASAP.


How to Get it?
Just follow the simple steps below!

Step 1: Click the Like Button!

Step 2: Click the Share button and Share with your Friends!

Step 3: Post this message on your wall or any related facebook game you are playing!

Note: You must complete the steps above before you can download!

(Note: After you're done doing the steps above and a pop up message appears, click the download button again to be redirected to the download page. Enjoy!)
NOTE: Use Google Chrome or you won't be able to download!

(You need to do a quick survey to automatically download, this is to prevent spam bots and verify you're human. Thanks for your understanding.)

Note: This is 100% virus free, if you don't belive me then scan it with your anti-virus,
also this is 100% Free, if you caught anyone selling this hack, please tell us at

What is Facebook Credits?

Facebook Credits are a virtual currency you can use to buy virtual goods in any games or apps of the Facebook platform that accept payments. You can purchase Facebook Credits directly from within an app using your credit card, PayPal, mobile phone and many other local payment methods.